Lunch Prices

Lunch Prices

Pre-K snack (incl milk) - $.85

Student lunch (K-8) - $2.90

Main Entree (w/out lunch) - $2.50

Additional entree (w/ lunch) - $2.00

Milk or juice - $.60

Bottled Water $0.50

Ice cream - $.30-$1.00

Chips, cookies, snacks - $.30-$1.00

Salads (Wed & Thurs) K-8 - $2.90


Menus Subject To Change

Available daily: Fresh Fruit or Chilled Fruit, Peanut Butter & Jelly Uncrustable

Available Mon-Wed-Fri: Cereal, yogurt and a cheese stick

Available Tues & Thurs:  Hot Dog on a Whole Grain Bun

Available Wed & Thurs: Garden Salad with Egg or Garden Salad with Tuna

Milk Available Daily

Low Fat White
Non Fat Chocolate

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