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Alloway Township School continually strives to meet the challenges in with facilitating student achievement that is on par with the expectations of a 21st century world. The school is committed to meet students’ individual needs while navigating students through courses of study that align with New JerseyStudent Learning Standards. In addition to academics, the school communityvalues a “true education” as Dr. Martin Luther King said - one that addresses character goals, too. Alloway School aims to send its well-rounded,accomplished students to high school poised for individually defined success.

The common thread among the school’s goals, mission, and vision is to providea safe learning environment that results in students’ achievement. It takes aspecial expertise to blend the science of learning with the craft of teaching, andthe staff at Alloway School has the dedication needed to orchestrate learningexperiences that are rooted in student-centered instruction. Both the staff and administration balance the two critical roles that result in a safe, effective school. Those roles are the “in loco parentis” with regards to the students’well-being needs and the “lead learner” with regards to academic growth. Allefforts at Alloway School are focused on a student experience that is poised to align with current best practices in order to meet diverse learners’ needs.

The administration and staff recognize that a successful school organization is a team effort. Alloway School considers all parents/guardians, Board ofEducation members, PTA members, and community organizations/members to be valuable members of the team. It is because of the community support tha tstudents consider Alloway School to be home.